The care people in the medical waste management field take to handle any and all potentially dangerous materials is admirable and necessary. Of course, the trick is that any and all materials be viewed as equally dangerous. While some might easily never consider cavalierly picking up a filthy gauze pad or a syringe encrusted with visible dried blood, they may be more ready to simply grab a used but visibly unsullied safety mask from the ground. This would be a humongous mistake.

Any and all medical waste removal should be handled under the specific guidelines defined by regulation as well as any additional guidelines developed by particular institutions and a medical waste management company like MedAssure. This is because even if there is no visual representation that an item has been contaminated it may still be dangerous. Most bacteria is smaller than you could ever possibly notice with the naked eye. In fact some of those items that show no sign of usage could be even more dangerous than bloodied and pus filled items that you would be so cautious about handling.

Leave medical waste removal to the professionals and do not even consider handling any material that may or may not have had some part in a medical procedure.